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[18+] "I don't understand why you won't tolerate the idea when we're both about the same no-strings fun." "Maybe because I just don't like you," I argue. "I don't believe you." Ellis' voice startles me, not just by how low and husky it is, but by the close proximity, his breath fanning over my bare neck. Turning around I inhale sharply at the sight of his pale blue eyes boring into mine, his hands resting on either side of my head against the metal, muscles tensed as he holds himself off of my body. His body is easily double the size of mine, a notion that makes my breath almost stop as he continues to hover there, his face angled down as I trail my eyes over his facial features. Without thinking my lips part, his own mirroring my actions, a sign that he's just as affected by me as I am by him. ---------------------------------------------------- Spin Off. Can be read as a STAND ALONE book... however, it makes more sense if you read The Test of Time first. Becky Gordon has no time for men. Although, she does tolerate some hours with them; non-stop one night stands, one time excursions in the gym locker rooms, swift daytime quickies. She's always been the same, ever since high school. Only once has she ever considered the possibility of something more, but that idea blew up in her face, proving to her that she's better off alone. Yet years later, the very man who made her doubt everything is back, catapulting into her life like never before. He's determined to make things right and won't take no for an answer. She can't deny the things he makes her feel, their similar humor and quick wit, the lust that pulses through her at the mere sight of him. But she's resisted his womanizer ways since high school, and what's really changed since then? Can Becky continue to resist Ellis Wakefield? Or does having a little bit of perseverance really pay off?


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