A Certain Metamorph...
By EmmaAnon
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Her lips are cold but soft. She runs a hand behind her neck to pull her closer. Reluctantly, Lily breaks away to take a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I needed to know." "Don't apologize. Never apologize for that." #5 Twilight - 12/13/21 #1 lesbianfiction - 12/28/21 Liliana Anya Fields was the youngest member of the Cullen family. Not only was she the youngest, but she was also distinctly human. After losing her family, Lily finds a new home with the Cullen coven. As she grows up, her feelings towards her family, especially towards one family member, begin to change. Will Lily to able to find her change or will she destroy her relationships? Will the vampire be able to recognize the source of her protective nature, or will she let destiny pass her by? This story starts a few years before the Twilight story and will continue through the end of the Twilight Saga.


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A Certain...
by EmmaAnon