The Bet
By dxrkdreaqm
  • Romance
  • badboy
  • betrayal
  • cheerleader
  • drama
  • football
  • games
  • goodgirl
  • lies
  • love
  • manwhore
  • nerd
  • player
  • secrets
  • shygirl
  • teen
  • trust


"Ryder?" "Is that you" I asked Ryder quickly turns around and says "it isn't what it looks like" I immediately look behind him and see a girl standing there with red lipstick smudge on her face The girl steps forward with a smirk on her face and says "I don't know why you look surprised after all he's a player" "And did you really think he liked you because if you did you should know he made a bet with his friends that he could get in your pants by the end of the school year" I looked at Ryder to see if it's true what she was saying and he's face had sadnesses and guilt on it, that's all I needed to know it was true But all I could think about was it was all about a Bet

Chapter 1

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The Bet
by dxrkdreaqm