The Bad Boy Nerd
By HazelEyes_1
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"New student, right?" the Principal asked me. I nodded meekly, hoping that he would turn out to be a patient suffering from short term memory loss and would forget about detention but his next words confirmed how rotten my luck was! "Mr Spencer, Ms Wilson" he began in an icy calm voice," creating a raucous in the corridors right outside my office isn't exactly a heroic thing to do. Both of you have an option of either a week detention together or a two week detention together." My eyes shot wide open, "One week detention with him! That's practically impossible for humankind!" "I don't want to risk my bright IQ by serving detention with this psycho!" I heard Spencer jerk protest. "You have an IQ???" I looked at him, giving my best shocked expressions, "Is it the joke of the decade or joke of the century???" "Since you didn't react to my calling you a psycho, it confirms that you are one." he shrugged calmly. My brain was ready in an instant with a smart answer to that. I opened my mouth to give it back to him--- "STOP." The headmaster yelled, the pulse in his temple was throbbing red in fury. "The options are now changed to three week detention or four week detention." he muttered in anger. ***** Andrea Wilson was looking forward to having an ordinary life in school. But things don't turn out as planned when she accidentally gets into the bad books of the hot nerd in school. And when that popular nerd turns out to be her brother's best friend....well things don't really uncomplicate. Add to this generous amounts of classes, detentions, friends, enemies, crushes, heart breaks and Andrea is all set to have an eventful year in High School that she was for sure not looking forward to! ~*~~*~*~~*~ #7 in Teen Fiction 4.5.16

First Day, First Showdown

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The Bad B...
by HazelEyes_1