Darkness Is In [OUA...
By bethanyjanebooks
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There's a new Dark One in their lives, Emma Swan, after being told she's a saviour, to protect her family and friends she risked her life to save them. Brooke struggles to cope with her pregnancy and her sister's new life as the Dark One while searching for Merlin to help save Emma and their future. The heroes find themselves journeying from the Enchanted Forest to Camelot where many new surprises come to pass for them. No matter what, one thing remains strong for Brooke, saving and protecting her family. Even if they don't want it, even if that means following them to the Underworld. Everyone deserves their happy ending and she won't stop till everyone she cares for is happy and where they belong. New friends? New foes? A baby? The Lord of the Underworld?

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by bethanyjanebooks