Agony and Fawn |T.W...
By FaolanWolfe
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Agony and Fawn were high school sweethearts. Everyone thought they would stay together, Agony and Fawn thought so too. They were both reckless teenagers, that's what made them close. The freedom they both wanted. It didn't last long when one night leads to the creation of what broke them apart. Both were just 17, and Fawn was pregnant. Agony couldn't handle the responsibility of a baby, so he left. Leaving Fawn with a broken heart and baby on the way. Will she ever forgive him for running out on her? For leaving her to raise their child on her own? Would she ever be able to move on from the pain of her once lover and best friend leaving her? Highest Ranking📌 #1 leaving #1 bike #3 redhead #4 teenpregnancy #6 singleparent #4 angel 🐺The Wolves Series🐺 • Bear and Haisley ✔️ • Ink and Sydney ✔️ • Agony and Fawn • Coyote and Meadow • Chains and Divine • Myth and Oceana • Manic and Olive • Dagger and Hope • Crash and Sage • Tank and Adalee • Knuckles and Willow • K-9 and Aurora • {The last book will be a surprise} (All of theses books can be read as a stand-alone) Started: December, 2020 Finished: ******, **** *The pictures used in this story do not belong to me/Credit to the rightful owners *I'm sure it needs a lot of work but its a learning process *Character pictures: rileyrasmussen, spizoiky, and polina_pilipenko_official

Chapter 1

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Agony and...
by FaolanWolfe