Just Trust Me...
By PheonixWritr
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Growing up I was called "Dirty Beth", thanks to Vincent Hawkins. I was given the name because I chose to wear baggy clothes from the Salvation Army. I preferred baggy pants over skirts, shorts or jeans that would hug my body. I preferred baggy long sleeved shirts and hoodies over tank tops and crop tops that would accentuate my breast. No one ever asked me why I dressed that way, they just chose to pick on me and not understand me. I was very grateful to have Cooper there for me when I needed her but I haven't told her the reason as to why I dressed the way I do. You see at the age of 14, I was raped, for two years, by the one person I was supposed to trust. ------------- Meet Bethany Knight, she has a childhood no little girl should have but she didn't go through it alone; she had her best friend, Cooper by her side. Her life was going great until she crossed paths with the one person, who made her high school life a living hell! Vincent Hawkins, is not the same stupid and naive boy he was in high school. He is now one of the richest, youngest, bachelors in the U.S. and he is the founder and CEO of Hawks Inc. Bethany is broken and afraid. But who broke her and who is she afraid of? Will Vincent be able to show Bethany that he has changed? Will Vincent be the person Bethany can depend and lean on? ********* Come follow Bethany and Vincent on a path to fix a broken heart and repair a relationship that was thought to be lost! Book One: Just Be With Me Book Two: Just Trust Me Book Three: Just Say Yes ©️ All Rights Reserved


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Just Trus...
by PheonixWritr