Just Say Yes...
By PheonixWritr
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Your probably reading this description and wondering 'where the hell is the actual story description?' Well, your not completely out of luck. You see Joce's story is basically told by the cover I chose. Looks can be deceiving. ************************************ Family is everything to Jocelyn Jones, once known as Jocelyn McKinley. She has 15 brothers and sisters (including herself) and she has always dreamed of having a big family herself. So when she fell pregnant at the late age of 17 by her high school boyfriend Jarrod, she was so ecstatic. They were the 'IT' couple in high school and he was her world. Everyone wanted what they had, even their friends longed for the type of love they shared. They just looked so...perfect. But what happens when the safe life you created for your family is SHATTERED? What happens when your life is thrown into a SPIRAL? What happens when the father of your children and the love of your life shatters your heart? What happened to Jocelyn and Jarrod? Enjoy Jocelyn and Jarrod's story in the third book in the Just Series. Book One: Just Be With Me Book Two: Just Trust Me Book Three: Just Say Yes

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Just Say...
by PheonixWritr