Mischief's Princess...
By abbiemca
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Sequel to The Impossible Mission. Cover found on Tumblr - No copyright infringement intended. When Loki turns up unexpectedly after 12 months of absence, Ava is pretty...well....surprised. She is even more surprised when he asks her to go back to Asgard with him. Ava agrees to go with him on the condition that she can return to Earth when she needs to, which Loki reluctantly agrees to. Odin has forgiven Loki after he suffered a year of punishment for trying to take over Earth, but some others haven't quite gotten over his actions. When they get to Asgard, Ava immediately makes enemies and maybe one or two friends. The citizens of Asgard immediately take a liking to Ava, for she isn't of royal blood and she treats them as equals, unlike Loki. As Ava soon realises, Asgard is crawling with deadly secrets and surprises and she takes it upon herself to unearth them all. Whilst Ava is causing her own trouble and landing herself in trouble, Loki has his own plans. With Tony Stark's wedding nearing and her friends in desperate need of her help, Ava needs to get back to Earth quick, but an invasion from Jotunheim on Asgard soon puts all of her plans in jeopardy. Can she fight off hordes of Frost Giants and be back in time for the wedding? Copyright abbiemca and Marvel, enjoy!

Mischief's Princess - Avengers [Loki] FanFic

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by abbiemca