Bakugo x reader
By sobxbi
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He's a hot headed brat but you see past that once you get to know him. You go through hell and back but he's still there by your side. Your his one and only and he's got eyes for u and only u. TW⚠️: SELF HARM, (Language and TEEN SMOKING🍃) ^if you have a problem with teen smoking, don't read my story and complain abt it. I simply, do not care. I made this as more of a poc y/n but idc who you are, you can read my story<3 Also please do not tell me "they are 16 this is inappropriate" if u think that u shouldn't be reading ff CONTINUING (Hate will be deleted, if you don't like my story then don't read it?) (I do not support yagami yato in anyway.)

Part 1- first day✨

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Bakugo x...
by sobxbi