The Undignified Pri...
By HannahHyde5
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In the Kingdom of Crestonia, their lives a fair Princess, named Snow. She is the first female heir among three sons. There is no law that states the throne is inherited by the oldest. It is up to the King himself or a Mage to help select the next heir. Queen Selina was not always Queen. She was raised up from among the commoners, thrust into the spotlight of royalty. She revels in the esteem and attention being Queen brings her. When Snow surpasses her in popularity among the townsfolk, Queen Selina becomes jealous and hires a huntsmen to assassinate her. Little does she realize, the huntsmen is someone least expected... ◇◇◇ This is a new take on the fairytale Snowhite, as well as a new perspective on King David's story, like never experienced before in this original story. While certain liberties have been taken, I hope this rendition of both stories appeal to the fantasy lover and theologian. *winks* *The story is still yet to be completed.*

Chapter 1

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The Undig...
by HannahHyde5