Forever Wild. (Hicc...
By Red-Ramen
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Another time, another story... After the events of Drago and his Dragon Army, Hiccup stepped up to his new responsibilities as Chief. And Y/n stood by his side, supporting him. - "I don't want to go." - Grimmel the Grisly, a man of many names. Night Fury Killer, Famed Hunter, Snake. All three matches the man perfectly. A man of manipulation. - "Did she tell you that you're special? You're nothing." - The Hidden World, home to all dragons. One last escape. One last try to find peace. But everything can't always go the way you want it to... - "The only person standing in your way is you. It's time to let her go." - Hiccup Haddock had never felt closer to anyone as Y/n, but it's dangerous. And he's scared. He is so scared. That he'll lose her again. - "You're not alone in this! You know that right...? Right?" - Trouble rises once again on the isle of Berk, and the riders and their dragons must stand against it once again. - "I'm laying everything on the line here!" - - "She's a freak. Just like her ancestors. And I'll not stop till they're all mine." - This... Is a story of a life time. Book three of the Wild series. Book one - HTTYD: Completed. Book two - HTTYD 2: Completed. Book three - The Hidden World: Complete + Homecoming. Book four - RTTE: Released.

Chapter 1. The Fogged Ship.

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Forever W...
by Red-Ramen