Ink and Sydney |T...
By FaolanWolfe
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Ink is a brother of The Wolves MC. Sydney is a bartender at a local bar. Ink and Sydney have been dating for a while. Though they have a 9 year age gap, they still loved each other. Ink is 28 and Sydney is 19 years olds. They told no one about their relationship. It wasn't because of shame but to protect each other. The MC has enemies and would try to hurt Ink by hurting her and her family didn't approve of dating a biker. Her family would never accept him not only because he belonged to an MC but because of his skin and age. Ink and Sydney didn't care how their skin didn't match or how far apart in age they were, they only saw true love. When will their time come? When will they be able to kiss and hug in front of everyone without the fear of the other getting hurt? Or maybe they will have to shove that fear away and not give a damn about what others think or do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Favorite Comments}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • "I love the relationship Ink and Sydney have. And I also love how his MC family is welcoming too. I understand Sydney's Mom was hurt - but she is missing out. I am glad her Dad is stepping up-at least right now. And Charmaine is just all sorts or cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Love this story." -787ralexis • Highest Ranking 📌 #1 secretrelationship #1 bwwm #1 newlove #2 sassygirl #5 secretlove #16 struggle #24 strength #64 scared 🐺The Wolves Series🐺 • Bear and Haisley ✔️ • Ink and Sydney ✔️ • Agony and Fawn • Coyote and Meadow • Chains and Divine • Myth and Oceana • Manic and Olive • Dagger and Hope • Crash and Sage • Tank and Adalee • Knuckles and Willow • K-9 and Aurora • {The last book will be a surprise} (All of theses books can be read as a stand-alone) Started: August, 2020 Finished: December, 2020 *The pictures used in this story do not belong to me/Credit to the rightful owners *I'm sure it needs a lot of work but its a learning process *Character pictures: Ludknee and Thecreekman

Chapter 1

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Ink and S...
by FaolanWolfe