Daughter of Artemis...
By BlueIceWolf
  • Romance
  • adventure
  • demigod
  • fantasy
  • love
  • olympians


We all know that the Goddess of the Hunt vowed to be a maiden forever, but what if she broke that vow and had a child? Rebecca Wolf, the only daughter of Artemis, is no ordinary demigod. Not only can she turn into a powerful wolf, some of the Gods and Goddesses have blessed her. She grew up in Mount Olympus with the Olympians because her father had died just before she was born and had nowhere else to go, so she stayed with the Gods and Goddesses. At first they were furious, especially Zeus, because Artemis had broken her vow, but they eventually warmed up to Rebecca. One thing about Rebecca is that she has never fallen in love and doesn't want to because she is afraid of getting hurt. Now at the age of 16, it's time for her to go to camp, where she will make friends, have plenty of adventures and of cause have some enemies. But when three powerful demigods feel a special connection with her, she is in for a crazy ride.


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by BlueIceWolf