Brothers Vs. Step-b...
By _babyqueen19_
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Chase is beautiful, caring, intelligent. And she (yes, she) has 6 brothers who doesn't give a flying shitzu about her but she loves them despite all the things. It's just the way she is, a pure angel. Never tried hurting others, even when they had hurt her. She was never revengeful. Nothing her brothers could do will break her but what if they did something so extreme that broke her trust, drained her love for them? It all started ( or was it the beginning of the end?) one day when her father announced that he married someone after years of her mother's death. And with a step-mom comes, 5 step-brothers too. And a little bun in the oven, later. Chase realized that family doesn't always mean blood ties. And when this realization struck her, it was a thunderstorm for her biological brothers. Who took her so lightly, that one day she all but flew away with the wind. Will it be enough for them to realize what they have lost, in the mask of hatred and anguish? But the real question is will she accept them after all she has been through? What started when chase was around 7, once again lurked around her, making her scared for her family, never her. How will this event change the life of Chase? Will it be for the good or for the bad? Or would our non-revengeful girl will take her revenge, that's been pending for years now? Read to find out. ___XX___


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by _babyqueen19_