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I'm bad at descriptions T-T ⚠️⚠️I DO NOT OWN BLACK BUTLER,OHSHC, OR THE CHARACTERS AT ALL THEY BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS⚠️⚠️ Ciel is requested to go to Japan by her majesty as she fears he may grow up without any friends, Ciel obeys the queen and goes to ouran academy along with Finny to make 'friends'. The host club find Ciels mysteriousness and Finnys super strength to be fascinating so they decide in forcing them into the host club. The hosts then begin to fall for Ciel and they all eventually fight over him. Suddenly after Alois Trancy came in and declared he was Ciels beloved, murders start occurring around ouran. However, the victims all have 3 things in common, all their first names begin with A, all their last names Begin with T, and they are all male. How will Ciel,Alois,Finny and the hosts react to this situation? Will Alois face a devastating murder? Is the murderer one of the jealous hosts? Read to find out more 😉 -----------------------------May use strong language. Alois x Ciel. There will be kissing and some cute fluff. If you don't like it, don't read it. No update schedule. May be slow updates. Will include death but I won't go into detail about the deaths. That's all. ENJOY!!

A letter from her majesty, the queen.

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