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Aurora the naive and shy type. Always plastering a smile on your face and very sneaky, yet cute. She's loved my everyone... Well, not all and likes giving hugs to everyone that loves her especially her nanny. Sadly, she lost her father and has to adapt to a new step father. Hendrix is a Mafia leader with high reputation. A scary personality and very hard to be friends with. He smell of blood, tears, love? Nah.. he lacks one. He's cocky Funny And did I mention arrogant? As the gossip goes.. Opposite attract Watch as the naive and shy baby girl sneak her way into his heart. CLITCHY PEOPLE I. REPEAT. CLICHE "What about Repunzel?" She suggested. "Sure." I'm guessing one of the Disney movies. "What is your favourite movie?" She instantly asked when she took a seat close to me. I shrugged. "Fifty shade of Gray," I smirked. "What's that?" She asked innocently. ......... Most Impressive Ranking # 119short out of 102K stories ranking Other Rankings # 13fallout of 8.9K stories # 87emotionsout of 23.8K stories # 18smallout of 4.7K stories # 62redout of 16.4K stories # 112goodout of 28K stories # 222brokenout of 55.5K stories # 55scaredout of 13.6K stories # 20lovelyout of 4.9K stories # 128beautifulout of 29.4K stories # 6naiveout of 1.1K stories # 65bulliedout of 11.2K stories # 493boyout of 81.2K stories # 230badout of 35.5K stories # 388wattpadout of 55.4K stories # 459hurtout of 64.7K stories # 9bikeout of 1.2K stories # 22calmout of 2.6K stories # 194newyorkout of 14K stories # 973possessiveout of 18.2K stories # 1schholout of 17 stories Please vote and maybefollowmeifyouwant.


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