Miss crazy and mist...
By jorrybaldwin
  • Romance
  • abused
  • black
  • cops
  • crazy
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Once I got to the tree I climbed like a monkey then I got to this branch that was a little slippery and like the clumsy fool I have been told I am, I slipped "wwweeee...aaaaaaahhhhh" I screamed, prepaid to pass in a tragic way, but I was not prepared to fall into someone's arms some really muscular arms If I do say so my self "oh this is...no no no please I didn't do anything please please" I said while crying, I was about to say that this was nice but I looked at his chest and I see a badge... a police badge. "Do you trust me" he asked "... yes" she replied --------------------------------------------------------- A girl named Jordan is terrified of police officers after she was kidnapped and sexually abused by one when she was 11,she is now a graduate from Harvard at age 26 and is a little crazy because of her childhood what happens when she falls from a tree and lands in the arm of Trever Johnson a police officer.

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Miss craz...
by jorrybaldwin