Midnight's Boy (boy...
By moonlightwolves
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Christien is the adopted son of the Midnight pack's Alphas Julian and Noah. despite being adopted, he feels as if they were HIs real parents and loved them unconditionally. he would do anything for them and tell them everything. on his eighteenth birthday, he starts to have these very vivid dreams. dreams of a stunning man bathed in moonlit cherry blossom petals. Will he tell his parents or try to deal with it on his own? Bane(name might change) has never seen the light of day. he has never felt the heat of the sun on his skin, or the bit of the clod on his flesh. all he know is the chill of the small cell that he has been held in all his life. the only thing keeping him sane is the face of the young man that he didn't know but knew so well. a young who watched him everyday but never helped him. a young man he wanted and hated more than anything. a young man the he will never meet. or will he?

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by moonlightwolves