Dangerous Darling
By Guanxi99
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" Why? Why is it You?... please let me go back! What do you want..Is it for money ?" " No darling! The thing I want is only you ..to be mine forever, Even though I have to break your wings with my own hands to keep you here with me.!!!." 18 years old Lucy is a student staying away from her family and hometown because of her studies . Everything was perfect until a very dangerous person appeared and messed up her perfect life. But Lucy is not someone accepting her defeat so soon and submitting herself to her one and only dangerous darling! Get ready for an unknown journey full of thrill, mystery and romance.... So, will she be able to make him kneel down before her or will she just end up giving up in his deep love? (warning: thriller story; may include killing, kidnapping or scary uncomfortable stuff) (Although the story is mine,some pictures used aren't mine. They completely belong to the creators. I respect them.)


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by Guanxi99