Night Children: Dar...
By ScottBryan6
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It's a terrible thing to meet a scary blood sucker in the woods of Colonial America. It's worse if the creature kills your parents and leaves you for the wolves' dinner. But what happens if on the brink of death, you're turned into a creature of the night? How does one learn to use advanced speed, strength, flight and heightened senses? Is it easy to change into animals? Can you keep others mesmerized by a simple glance? Will you be able to contain the terrible thirst? Annabelle and Roland discover the answers to all of these questions and more as they embark on new lives as vampires. With their adoptive mother Eliza's teachings, the kids try to master their new abilities while keeping their existence secret. Dominic, the Master Vampire who destroyed their family, isn't happy the kids survived. He'll use werewolves, witches and other vampires to make sure that situation is fixed. It's bad enough Annabelle worries her new family won't endure the monsters that want them permanently dead, but her rebellious brother Roland doesn't make it easy either. He wastes time dreaming of exploring or getting revenge on Dominic. Who would've thought being undead could be so difficult?

Chapter One: Arrival

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Night Chi...
by ScottBryan6