Jealousy Kills | Sk...
By ckayexists
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Zak Ahmed is a sophomore at Mayfield High-school. With average grades, he never loved school. He had a select group of friends, and was neither bullied nor fawned over. So life for him was as average as possible. Suddenly, he met another student, and the world gained colour and meaning. He would hold onto this flame of a boy, and would never let go at any cost. CONTENT WARNING: Skephalo (duh), ZelkPVP, Finn6d, DreamNotFound, Dream6d (mentions) gross can we get a CW for a6d :/ ⚠️ TRIGGER W️ARNING ⚠️ (may be updated as chapters progress) • Blood and Gore • Suicide • health disability • angst • swearing • underaged drinking • death/murder/mild mentions of torture • homophobia Ship Leaderboards (as of 8.26.2020) #1 in skephalo (until 9.4.2020) #24 in dream6d #148 in dreamnotfound #86 in zelkpvp edit august 10th 2021 ; what the hell why are people still reading this /lh . i will not be adding onto this story specifically, but i will be editing a few details in (not replacing them just editing)- specific example: i'm going in rn to put in tws that i forgot. thank you all for reading :) even though this is complete trash /srs /lh

Chapter 1

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by ckayexists