Story Of Lanes Sist...
By DeltaZakuroWBO
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Note: I should mention this is a Sparking AU Story Of Lanes Sister: Athena || ~Beyblade Burst Sparking OC Story~ Athena, a 10 year old girl who happens to be the younger sister of Lane Valhalla. Once obtaining Lucifer, Lane abandoned everything, his mentor Shu and his little sister Athena. Worried that his flare would eventually destroy him, Athena takes it upon herself to bring an end to the Black Sun that is her brother, Lane. A new tournament begins and Lane was confirmed to enter but with Destruction on his mind. Now trying to prevent him from wreaking havoc in the tournament, Lane's life is now in Athenas hands. Feel free to vote and comment if you enjoy! 10K Reads Reached On May 23rd Began on 8/15/20 Finished on 4/17/22 Cover Credit: KurdishOtaku Art used in book belong to the original artists. I OWN NOTHING! All characters except for Athena belong to Hiro Morita, the creator and author of Beyblade Burst. Athena and the story are my original creations.


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Story Of...
by DeltaZakuroWBO