His Love [ Unknowin...
By Noya_avery
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The Story is about Daniza, this one shot focus only on this couple. Daniyal's parents had fixed his alliance with Kinza elder sister Tanveer. Everyone was happy with this proposal, everything was going well. When on their marriage day Tanveer eloped with her lover. And due to the circumstances Kinza had to marry Daniyal. For the sake of both families reputation both agreed and get married. After they got married they decided to give a one chance to their relationship. But may be destiny had planned somehow else for them. Everything's was going well, love was blooming in their hearts when one day her elder sister Tanveer came back and asked Kinza to return Daniyal to her. And on the other side Daniyal decided to confess his love to her. So what will be Kinza's decision? Will she leave Daniyal for the sake of her sister Love? How will Daniyal react knowing her Tanveer's demand? Will Tanveer be able to destroy their small love world which they both had created together with lots of dream? Many questions right??? But you will get know the answers of your questions on the next chapter. So what are you all waiting turn the page. Hope you all have a lovely journey reading this one shot which is full of romance, love and friendship. Welcome you all! I hope you have a lovely time. The real story is " Unknowingly His " written by @being_elegant. And this is a one shot which is written by me. The Characters are from her book " Daniza ". But the one shot is mine, whole concept and ideas are from my own imagination. [ Completed ] Beautiful cover made by @noya_avery You all are welcome to my this beautiful short stories. Best Ranks!! #43 in muslimah out of 2.18k stories [ 19/11/20] #50 in spiritual out of 447 stories on [ 01/08/2020] #33 in spiritual out of 447 stories on [ 20/09/2020 ] #19 in Spiritual out of 457 stories [ 29/09/2020] #23 in compromise out of 383 stories [02/10/20] #14 in spiritual out of 449 stories on [11/11/20]


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His Love...
by Noya_avery