Nico Meets Wizards
By 43tacene
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"Go to school they said, make allies they said, get rid of ghosts they said. Why can't I just have a peaceful year for once!?!" Hades is pissed. Hecate not only has a pet world, but there were ghosts there that he has been looking for CENTURIES. He had to send someone to clean it up. Nico, his only demigod son, is the obvious choice. And while he's there he better make allies so there won't be a split like the Romans! Nico was upset, he just got out of the second giant war to be told he had to go on a mission for his father. AND apparently, it was a year-long one too, AND he didn't get a prophecy, AND he couldn't bring anyone to help. Now try to tell that to Will Solace, his overprotective best friend and crush. Harry Potter was returning for his 8th year since he couldn't do his 7th year. He was going to skip, but Hermione and Ron were going (Ron because his mum told him to and Hermione because she's Hermione). What happens when ghosts not only start disappearing but seem terrified of something? Or someone. And how does a mysterious transfer student fit into this? WARNING: NICO IS GONNA BE A SAD BEAN! IDK JUST HOW SAD YET THOUGH!

1- F--- School

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Nico Meet...
by 43tacene