Son of Destruction
By AvyWinter
  • Fantasy
  • assassin
  • ayad
  • dystopia
  • hero
  • heroes
  • naian
  • nyx
  • sigyn


“Always so eager to kill." The chuckle that followed echoed with pretense and mock. Ascion didn’t acknowledge the comment. He may be owned by the man, but he wasn’t helpless. Spider held the leash, but knew to be wary around his lethal pet. An assassin; a creature of the night, bound by fate to carry the future of the world in his palms.Against his will, Ascion is drawn into something much larger than himself, something that makes him question the very purpose of his existence. In a world that is falling apart, he becomes a pawn of the Gods. A pawn who learns that nothing is ever simple; nothing is simply black or white. And so begins the search for Io: he who returns. A search for someone to mend what has been broken.

1. an assassination

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Son of De...
by AvyWinter