Loveless Marriage (...
By anushkaaa01
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Kate Miller, a beautiful innocent girl with even more beautiful heart. Yet despised by her own parents. A dancer by profession.She has an older brother who is the only kind man with her. She has got a best friend too, Avery. Ethan Robinson, hottest single CEO of Robinson Enterprise. Doesn't do relationship shit, only night stands. Has a loving family consisting of mother, father, elder brother who is married and a bunch of close friends. Kate's greedy parents put a condition while doing a contract with Ethan! He should marry Kate. What happens when these two polar opposites are put in a loveless marriage? Will they survive? Or will they fall apart? Read the book to find more. :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hey beautiful people. Go check out my new book. I hope you will like it. Show some love!!❤️❤️ Yours lovingly, Anushka. Best rankings:- #3 in dancer out of 1.49k stories (04/01/21) #2 in Ethan out of 1.54k stories (26/03/21) #15 in Romance out of 1.83k stories (28/03/21) #13 in love out of 1.73k stories (20/04/21)


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by anushkaaa01