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By Nerdy_Frozen
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"I am the goddess of the underworld and queen of the dead, I eat souls for breakfast and I bathe under the deads' blood. I want nothing more but destruction and chaos among mankind- I am the true embodiment of darkness and evil." After I said those words, her hazel eyes just looked at me as if I was clowning her. A giggle escapes her lips that made my traitorous heart pound rapidly inside my chest-she then responds to my words with, "I am Olaf and I love warm hugs." She extends her arms as she looked at me expectantly, inviting me to give her a hug- To which I sulkily grumbled but gladly replied with engulfing her in my arms. And the laughter that escaped her lips somehow made my grey world a little brighter. ×-×-×-× A modern take of the Hades and Persephone story ft. Jenlisa wherein, Jennie is Hades and Lisa is her Persephone. Warning; You will die with fwuff UWU

ένα - ena

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Dis | Jen...
by Nerdy_Frozen