My Good Luck Star
By Greatvibez14
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A spin off series from The Boy Next Door. Book 1 "Are you following me now?" I scoffed and folded my arms across my chest "Maybe, maybe not" Brad shrugged his shoulders. "You aren't here to ask me out on a date again?" I raised an eyebrow. "Would you say yes" "Dunkins, you have a girlfriend and no I would not go out with you" I tried to get past him but he wouldn't let me. "Come on" he pried. I don't see why Brad, the popular football player in school is interested in me. He's got Ava. What more does he need? Brad was once apart of the crew back in freshman year but due to a falling out with Monty, he decided to split and go his separate way. "I have my friends to get back to" "Please" "Ok tell me one reason why you want to go on a date with me" I asked "He hesitated before saying, " I don't know you're just different from other girls" Classic I've heard those lines too many times in movies. I pushed past him to head back to the booth where everyone was. "I'm serious" Brad shouted as I walked farther away from him. I rolled my eyes. You can't win a girl over with that line.


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My Good L...
by Greatvibez14