The Moon Baby
By ElleJSmith
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They say that Alpha-blood pups born under a full moon are destined for greatness. That males born will have all the strength the goddess can bestow. That they will bring their pack up to unrivaled strengths. A pack, an Alpha, that no wolf would challenge. But what of females? Females of Alpha blood, born under the full moon are said to be not only much rarer, but much more valuable. They are always caring, highly intelligent, and beautiful she-wolves. Born Lunas. But, as women, they also hold the goddess's favor. A powerful female in a world of males. Because of this, these females are always given precious and powerful gifts. It's said that these women, 'moon babies', always birth powerful pups themselves. Strong future Alphas, Lunas, and warriors. Such a gift, is always treasured and sought after. After all, who wouldn't want to be the father of the next generation of powerful pups? That is why, these females must always be protected. Allowed to find their goddess given mates. ***WARNING!!! 18+ mature scenes, hints of suicide, adult themes, and language**** © All Rights Reserved **Editing** Ratings: #1 in Share - 03/17/2022 #1 on adultromance- 06/21/2022 #6 in threesome - 08/18/2021 #7 in mulitplemates - 08/18/2021 #8 in adultromance - 08/21/2021 #14 in werewolf - 04/02/2022


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The Moon...
by ElleJSmith