After The Contract...
By lisha-stories
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Part II to Love Under Contract - As if trying to find a balance between marriage and running two successful international empires wasn't difficult enough, Bailey and Jerrell now have a baby on the way. Bailey wants to prove that you don't have to take it easy just because you have a baby on the way. She wants the same respect that everyone gives her husband. The same level of fear that people have around him every time he speaks or enters a room. To get that she knows there are a few moves she has to make to establish her power, regardless of how dangerous it may be. After a year of trying to conceive, Jerrell's dream of being a father is finally within reach. His only concern now is his wife's inability to slow down. The main concept he swears by is that life doesn't stop for anyone. Not because you're a woman, and definitely not because you're pregnant. He'd always believed in gender equality until the shoe was finally on his foot and the health of his wife and child come into play. This is a sequel to Love Under Contract. You must read that first before reading this book.

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After The...
by lisha-stories