The White Lie
By eternalempires
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Damian Wayne moves to Paris, France after his family's life-long mission for a chance at getting away from the chaos of living under Batman's right-hand and constantly feeling suffocated by his responsibilities as Robin. He just wanted to get away for a little while; to not have to deal with superheroes, super villains, or a whole city's safety. That, however, doesn't work to well after being saved by what appeared to be a teenage girl in a Ladybug suit from a falling semi-truck and a whole team of superheroes dressed as various animals to accompany her. If his alias didn't go by Robin, he would've found the whole thing to be absurd. Paris is expected to be saved by these supposed Miraculous holder from a terrorist who calls himself Hawkmoth despite only dealing with butterflies? Damian doesn't know what the think anymore. And, even worse, the superheroes identities are painfully obvious. Marinette Dupain-Cheng was clever in concealing her true role in protecting everyone in the city, he could give her that but she was also just so... infuriating. And she just so happens to be the unlucky student that has to show the famous 'Ice Prince' around her school. From enemies, to friends, to love, will both of them be able to put their problems and pasts aside to be able to be together? Marinette slowly melts Damian's seemingly cold, empty hearts and fills it full of desires for her, and he helps her unlock the confidence usually reserved for when she's hidden behind a mask. They started off as not being unable to tolerate each other, but in mere weeks that changes. With everything threatening to rip them apart, will they last? Will they be able to stand up for each other despite their own sore feet? Ready to find out? *** A mashup between Miraculous Ladybug and Robin, all right reserved to Thomas Astruc and DC.

d e s c r i p t i o n

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The White...
by eternalempires