Bride of Bill Ciphe...
By Camp_Gravity
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Not long ago, an evil dream demon, of the name Bill Cipher, attempted to rule all of reality and existence. A first attempt to stop him was with the Cipher wheel, but it failed. The only people left to stop him were the Pines family. But the Pines never gave up, and even with Gravity Falls at his fingertips, Bill was tricked and was erased from existence for good. But what these heroes told the people of Gravity Falls was a lie. This is the story of what REALLY happened. This is a parody of "Bride of Discord" (great story, 10/10), and it's pretty much the same thing but with some changes and different characters. The story is going to be SUPER similar, so if you don't want to read it, then don't. I give 95% of the credit to @DisneyFanatic2364 who wrote Bride of Discord because they were the one who made up the plot. If you don't know what Bride of Discord is, then... hope you enjoy the story! [COMPLETED] (I don't own Gravity Falls, Bride of Discord, or any of the art used, and, bla, bla, bla, you know the drill. Now onto the story!) Best rank for the best tag: #1 in #billdip :D Was also ranked #2 and #3 Also #1 and #2 in #pines :D


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Bride of...
by Camp_Gravity