BELLO sisters✔
By Adaezekingz
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*******Nigerian Yoruba themed novel******* Meet the family of a rich man Wale Bello with his daughters and thier complicated lives. ------ Were the Bello sisters We fight We love We care And most importantly....We need a husband!!!!! ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone is enjoying the meal and I bet father was more than happy to see us because he maintained a smiley face. I could smell family love in the air as we all just ate, talked and laughed. "So, anyone found a husband?" Mom suddenly asks and everywhere becomes as quiet as a grave yard. She chuckled and said again, "Maybe I went too far, Any boyfriends or does anyone have an engagement ring that their hidding??" Grinning at each and every one of us. And again.... Silence. I knew this was going to happen. "Awọn ọmọbinrin Bello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yells on top of her lungs (Bello daughters!!!!!!!!) I think my Eba has hooked in my throat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join the amazing and drama filled life with the Bello sisters, coupled with mothers trouble and their Prince charming. P.S: It's addictive😉 Filled with family drama and comedy! If you enter the house of mamma Bello...Will you come out alive?????? --- I'm so not into this description thingie so just get reading folks!! *************************************

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BELLO sis...
by Adaezekingz