Super Dirty One Dir...
By zayniecake
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Meet and greet.. and fuck? L.P "Lindse get ready its almost time to go!" I screamed at my best friend who is going with me to the FUCKING ONE DIRECTION MEET AND GREET! Her mom got us surprise tickets for our birthday . ... We decided to stay at the very end of the line so we might be able to talk to them longer. After hours of waiting and unconditional patience, it was finally our turn . "holy shit Harry looks so hot" Lindsey scream whispers and i just stare because I'm speechless. she has always had her eye on Harry, and mine on Liam. First was Louis, then Zayn, then Niall, then Harry and Liam. Zouis just smiled and mumbled and 'I love you too' and mabey 'thanks' . I'm guessing they we're super tired, Niall was talking to us a bit more , but I could see out of the corner of my eye Harry eyeing Keegan. we slid down the table more and Harry flashed us the most memorizing smile I've ever seen. Keegan asks for a hug and pic and he happily complys . I Liam had bags under his eyes ...

Meet &greet

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Super Dir...
by zayniecake