Redeemed Transforme...
By Arya_Skye
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(The fourth and last installment for the Protected series. Now called the PETER series I only own the idea.) "Do you ever wish you could go back? Start over or make a didn't choice? Hope for a different outcome altogether...." A man said quietly as he scratched at the chipped paint on the table he was cuffed to. "Amazing. You finally have a conscious, but it's several decades too late." The man said bitterly as he stared at the prisoner. "You've murdered and plundered this city and killed so many people, for what? Money? Fame? Woman?" the man growled and folded his arms. The prisoner didn't say a word as he stared blankly at the paint. How many layers were there? "I don't even know anymore." he admitted and looked at his hand for a moment. He felt his heart continue to grow heavy. The other man sighed in frustration and put a file on the table. "Do you even care anymore? About what happens to you?" he growled and the man didn't respond to that either. "You aren't taking this seriously, Megatron." he said angrily and the prisoner looked at him. "Why should I? We all know I'm going to rot in jail for the rest of my life. I'm just now accepting the idea." he muttered. "The only peace I'll have is knowing I won't hurt anyone else." he said.

Chapter One

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by Arya_Skye