To all the Queens,
By realmofkindness
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You are enough Let me explain this to everyone who needs to hear this out that You aren't here to impress the society, their perception over you doesn't matter, it never did. You are here to follow your heart, go along with the winds in the direction of what you love. You are not made to rely on somebody's opinion of you, their view is depended on what you are ready to show them, its always been you. DON'T GIVE UP Start accepting your weaknesses and turn them into masterpiece even if it will take a lot of time, your bruises are your identity, your scars are your experiences and your flaws are what makes you IMPERFECTLY, UNIMAGINABLY, ARTISTICALLY Beautiful. <3 Your appearance on my story means more than you could ever imagine, vent below how you felt about it and I will be responding to all of you with utter honesty :)

Not ready to be ruled by you

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To all th...
by realmofkindness