Oh, Birds That Fly...
By TheDarksOne
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Persephone "Percy" Jackson is a hero. Was destined to be, will always will be. Which is why, even when (seemingly) everyone she loves is killed in the Second Giant War, the fire can't be stomped out. Left broken in the wake of so many deaths, she leaves Camp for an unlikely destination : Bludhaven, to start anew as their new vigilante. And after Nightwing, the first Robin who has an easygoing frontier to hide the pain, has a run in with her, he is determined to uncover her secrets. Who is she? What exactly is she hiding? Falling slowly in love wasn't really part of the plan, but , then again, realising they may not be as much of a stranger to the other as they initially thought wasn't either. Own nothing except the plot! Moved from @_The_Dark_One_ .

1. New Resident

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Oh, Birds...
by TheDarksOne