Royal Deception
By NicoleMarch27
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Oli's POV : Why am i constantly thinking about him. I closed my eyes fighting the urge to think about his eyes when an image of him smiling ran through my mind. Haunted I opened my eyes only to face the solemn reason behind my distress. Walking proudly past the door was my daydream in reality .Carter. _________________________________ Having left Seattle for England Oliver's main aim was to study hard and leave her mark on Oxford , making friends was the least of her priorities , partying wasn't even an option and the cliche mechanism of falling in love was the last thing on her mind. But fate had a different story to tell on her part especially when the boy she thinks she's falling for is far from just an ordinary person. _____ Just skip the description and read the book I'm not exactly good at describing things. Yes its cheesy but I promise you wont regret clicking that read option. Now click the option :) If you do read my book...💛boy oh boy I love you. Graphics by : @vhentiia _________________________________


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Royal Dec...
by NicoleMarch27