Recruited for Heroe...
By ShadowSigns
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Saffire Laceson is 16 year old human though she doesn't have the normalcy of one. Her mind is more advanced than any on earth. Including Tony Stark. With this accessibility, she has some.....additions. She can read minds, know your entire past with a single touch, possess another's mind, telekinesis and can use clairvoyance. But heres the catch, her concentration is so focused when she uses some of her abilities that her body becomes vulnerable. Which introduces Avem and Nyte. Her "exotic" and loyal protectors through a blood contract. Shes actually her own superhero. The people of New York call her, Mental Flare. Shes proudly been able to outsmart SHIELD and stay out of their grasp for the past decade since she discovered her power. But what happens when she learns they want her to save the world? IF YOU REALLY WANT TO READ THIS STORY, PLEASE WATCH AVENGERS!!! IT WONT MAKE SENSE UNLESS YOU DO!!

Chapter 1

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by ShadowSigns