Double Ass In
By Kakeh_xox
  • Adventure
  • assassin
  • empire
  • feminism
  • forthemission
  • mafia
  • revenge


Ziel is far from normal, but she's a girl none the less. With a lethal secret. She lives for the chase and she's convinced she doesn't need anyone, and if she does it's certainly not the mafia king that's taken a keen interest in her unique skill set. They both have empires that need saving. She doesn't want to need anyone, but she finds herself needing this man in more ways than one. He offers her a deal she can't refuse. One that will restore her father's empire and give her something else that she craves with intensity. Revenge. Which is what brings the two unlikely worlds together. And without even knowing it, she seals her fate. And teaches the mafia king and his family a very important lesson..... Don't mess with double ass ins.

1: A Hundred For One.

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Double As...
by Kakeh_xox