The Everdeep
By elphadora
  • Fantasy
  • chi
  • fantasy
  • illusions
  • magic
  • nature


As a chi illusionist, Morie is used to trickery. Trained by her power-hungry brother, she has served in the army since her parents' death, leading her own squad of fighters through the Everdeep - a forest full of dark and deadly creatures. As the war intensifies and the resistance starts attacking the army, Empress Izumi, Morie's childhood friend, gives her a new order: infiltrate the resistance using her illusionist abilities and find the Soul of the Everdeep, rumored to contain all the forest's chi. But what Izumi doesn't know is that Morie's brother leads the resistance - and that she has been playing double agent for her entire life. When her two roles start to converge, Morie is forced to confront her brother's twisted intentions and his desire for the Soul, especially once she stumbles upon a hidden city within the Everdeep. There she meets Jun, a wheelchair-bound chi scholar who saves her from beasts. Once Morie realizes the true location of the Soul, she is torn between a new player with a heart and her obligations to those she left behind. Morie can't stop fighting for the empress - not when Izumi is the only one keeping Morie's sister alive. But to save everyone and stop the war, Morie might have to destroy the forest - and herself - to save it.


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The Everd...
by elphadora