Long live the Queen
By babefierce
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90 years ago Demons fought for themselves this was about the time humans found out about supernatural and fairytale creatures. The Demons were tired of the Witches treating them like shit so they fought back, everyone chose sides Vampires, Mermaids etc fought for the Witches and the Werewolves, Banshee etc fought for the Demons. Many other creatures fought for each sides some families even broke up because they had different opinions, some humans fought for the Demons and some for the Vampires, but there were some who chose not choose sides, they were hybrids and tribrids or people who had family members from different species, there were also creatures that weren't hybrids,tribrids, or had family members from different species who also chose not to fight. After three years of fighting, Demons had there rights and were on the top of the supernatural food chain, like Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Banshee etc, but the people who chose not to fight were exiled in a region in America when they were given food or clothes there was barely even enough food for everyone and the clothes were old and tattered, so they had to grow there own food which was hard and make there own clothes. There was a little girl who grew up her whole life in these conditions with a mother who tried her best to raise her without help, when she turned fourteen she made a promise to help her people

Chapter 1

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Long live...
by babefierce