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Since the account this was written on is un accessable to me for some reason, we'll continue the Inko Aizawa love story on this one in this book. When we last left off, a man named Endeavor stopped by a certain ice quirked girl's home asking for her hand in a quirk marriage. When Inko Midoriya and the ultimate mood Shouta Aizawa unexepedly fall head over heels for each other, and their romance grows stronger. But when a new student transfers to their school, we learn of a new villain. A villain by the name of Coma. Coma seems to be targeting Aizawa, and Inko knows she has to do something to protect her tired caterpillar of a boyfriend. It's up to her to save Aizawa...and a smaller, unexpected person.. Will she be strong enough to face the villain to protect those whom she holds close? Or will it all come crashing down on Inko Midoriya?

A/N: Real Quick apology

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