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05:00:00:00:00 That's how much time she has. Not short, but not that long either. 17-year-old Irene Alden was doing fine until the doctors predicted she has only five years to live. It was enough for her and was even nonchalant about it. However, the world has other plans and decided it's a good thing to bring back long lost connections together for the last time. Brayden Lewis has been heartbroken for the longest time. He had been away from home studying and doing his best to not get his emotions ahead of him unlike the old times, but one call from his father was enough for him to go back to his hometown and risk his heart once again. Time is running out for them, but all they ever want are more time and memories. Copyright 2020 by serenity_hearts Cover background photo by Liam Wong

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by serenity_hearts