Her Silly Kitty
By eternalempires
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Marinette Dupain-Cheng has been hopelessly in love with her friend for years. She's Paris' own super-heroine Ladybug, she has defeated countless akumatized victims and saves lives every week but telling Adrien how she feels, well... the thought alone leaves her courageless. And she's tired of trying, tired of waiting for him to notice her, tired of feeling like she doesn't deserve to be noticed. Adrien Agreste, her crush, is oblivious to it all. He is Ladybug's partner and best friend, Chat Noir, and he is desperately trying to get her to fall in love with him. However, due to them keeping their civilian identity, they're stuck in a loop of rejection. Chat starts to lose hope that his lady would ever like him back and Marinette believes that her crush will never return her feeling- which leads to both of them looking for love in each other, just not the way either of them planned. Will they fall with each other into love's embrace or will past crushes come back to haunt them? When will they stop hiding behind the masks and admit that, no matter how hard they try, their feelings would never go away? Will this relationship thrive or cause heartbreak to the two superheroes? Can it really work out for them when this was just their backup love? Read to find out. *** Main characters are now in their senior year (18 years old). Marichat fanfic, though even part of the square has some scenes! All characters are owned by Thomas Astruc and Miraculous Ladybug, this is me merely using them to how I would want things to happen.

d e s c r i p t i o n

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Her Silly...
by eternalempires