Once in a Blue Moon...
By Maybeline17
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"I hope he finds me! Because when he does I'm going to kill him!" "No Harry, Im going to kill him." Sirius Black is on the loose! With every dementor and Auror on the lookout. Everyone is sure what he's after. Harry Potter himself. To ensure the safety of his students, Dumbledore enlists the help of four of his finest auror alumni to guard Hogwarts. This includes Auror Cassiopeia Potter herself, who's assisted in several death eater's arrests since the tragedy at Godrick's Hollow. She intends to not only ensure the safety of her nephew but avenge her brother and sister, even if it kills her. _ I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters. This fanfiction is purely for my fun and your enjoyment.

Chapter One

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Once in a...
by Maybeline17