Hangry Lucas vs. Tr...
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Athanasia has always wanted to see the World Tree in-person, so she asks Lucas to take her on a field trip to go inter-dimensional traveling with him one day. When Athanasia meets the World Tree, it fell for her at first sight because of her enchanting beauty and willingly offered her its fruits and branches. The world tree offers Athanasia a riveting proposal that if she becomes its bride, it will offer all the fruits and branches to her. Lucas and the World Tree both have a fight over Athanasia. Who will win the epic battle? Are you Team Lucas (Sadist) or Team World Tree (Masochist)? Pick your side wisely because there will be only one winner and one loser---no draws. Hold on to your seats tightly, grab your popcorn or snacks, drinks, and place your bets. Disclaimer: Cover arts or images don't belong to me. All credit goes to original artists, Spoon and Plutus. A/N: This story is inspired by the children's book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and Lucas's interactions with the World Tree in WMMAP written by Spoon and Plutus. I thought it would be hilarious if the World Tree fell in love with the princess and gave her all the fruits and branches, while mistreating Lucas and leaving him bare-handed for being a bully XD Lucas is such an amazing character, but the world tree is hilarious, so I felt it deserved its own fanfic. I ship Lucas x Tree interactions. Lots of cussing, so read at your own discretion. This is a warning lol. I won't be censoring cuss words just because it takes away the fun of their interactions.

Hangry Lucas vs. Tree san (End)

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Hangry Lu...
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