Her Wicked Secret {...
By Maddie_May01
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There's no secret that stays a secret forever... It's been five years since Alec and Raven's intense love story. DeMalo is dead, and tension between the Witches and the Vampires is at an all-time high. A result of the role Witches played in many sieges against the Vampiric royal family. Not to mention, the hunting and draining of Witches that the Vampires have initiated. With Piper nearing her twenty-first aging, it is now time for her to undergo the tradition of finding a Soulmate. Although, it feels like her mother is finding one for her. A long line of eligible bachelors waiting to marry higher royalty awaits Piper. Yet, she doesn't want any of them. She wants Evander: a strong, matured Warlock, who's been hidden away in the stretches of forest that surround her home. He's charming, warm, and most of all, off-limits. Wanting him is dangerous though. Loving him could kill her. Loving him could start a war. Is Piper willing to risk everything for the man she wants to be her Soulmate? Is she ready to carry the biggest secret of her life in order to protect both of them?

♱ Prologue ♱

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Her Wicke...
by Maddie_May01