SPOOK (Get Spooky #...
By jeepersgigi
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Book One in the Get Spooky series! Demon of Pride Ace Montgomery is up for a promotion at Hellion, Inc., but he's a bit distracted. Not by being transferred to Spook or by having to train his apprentice how to be a crossroads demon. No, he's distracted by the newly dead redhead in town. Paranormal investigator Daphne Fitz just died, but she's looking at death as a fresh start. A fresh start that's rudely interrupted by a coven casting a curse over Spook, the town most monsters, and now Daphne, call home. Wanting to be more gutsy in the afterlife, she takes it upon herself to end the curse. Well, she takes it upon herself to tag along with a ghostly cowboy and an ex-mean girl werewolf who are also hellbent on stopping the curse, but that's just a technicality according to Ace, who manages to weasel both himself and his apprentice into the ragtag gang of wannabe heroes in an effort to get closer to Daphne. The ghosts, the demons, and the werewolf work together to bring an end to the curse all while trying not to kill each other in the process, because Ace and the cowboy go way back, the werewolf has her own hidden history with the demon, Daphne and Ace are trying to keep their budding relationship a secret, and Daphne is about to find out that she may be a little more than dead. FEATURED in humor, from January 6, 2016-July 23, 2017~ (NOTE: SPOOK (Get Spooky #1), was available in print and ebook for a long time! It even hit the Best Sellers list a couple times! Stay spooky!)

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SPOOK (Ge...
by jeepersgigi